ETAG 2016

We are anxious that progress should happen and that everyone will play their part.

The ETAG team will reassemble in one year’s time to review progress. Where we see institutional sectors and organisations struggling with progress or direction we will offer perhaps more robust and targeted suggestions to help get them on track. And of course we would share and highlight the good progress and actions that have occurred.

This should not be an imposition, or be onerous, or be expensive. In particular we might perhaps at this point remind everyone of our initial remit to make learning fun, more engaging, seductive even. Many might take that remit, and the opportunity to attain it presented by new technologies, as a starting point for real progress throughout 2015.

Similarly the considerable progress that the ETAG team have observed, and in many cases of course are part of, will continue to evolve. In a year’s time, we also look forward to highlighting new initiatives that have further contributed, since we drew these conclusions at the start of 2015. We have agreed a direction; there are many routes.